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(Age 13 - 16)

Lego Robotics
Spike prime

The SPIKE Prime Set is the go-to STEAM learning tool. Combining colorful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, This course continuously engages students through playful learning activities to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level. From easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, including the option to explore text-based coding with Python, SPIKE Prime helps students learn the essential STEAM and 21st century skills needed to become the innovative minds of tomorrow... while having fun!

Python, C++, JavaScript

Learning to code is part of developing valuable technical and creative skills that will grow with children into their adulthood. It enables kids to see every piece of technology as more than just a toy or a tool and allows them to become creators of technology instead of consumers. Kids can learn designing games, apps and websites.

Mobile App Development

Our App Inventor curricula hides the complexity of the data structures behind blocks so that students can spend more time designing apps that perform data collection and analysis, or integrate with a range of sensors and actuators interacting with external environments. The visual programming of App Inventor and the abstraction and compartmentalization of concepts into components and blocks allow the app inventor to focus more on decomposing students’ problems into solvable elements. The facility of running apps on mobile devices allows the students to experience their own apps as part of an ecosystem they interact with daily, and with which they are intimately familiar. 


Arduino is an electronics prototyping system designed to simplify micro controller projects. This course helps the children in understanding how electronics are represented visually, and the ability to read and analyze electronic circuits, ability to program various electronic components, read, analyze and troubleshoot IDE code, understanding the constitution and capabilities of a Micro controller board, and the functions of its different sensors and other electronic components.

3D modelling and Printing
Blender and 3D printer

Blender offers endless potential for projects and is excellent for those eager to craft something unique, high-quality, and detailed from scratch. It allows users to fashion their project directly in line with what they have in mind, inspiring and supporting original and fresh ideas. This course includes the use of 3D printers. 3D printing is a technology that scientists and engineers are using to change the world. Put that same technology into the hands of your students and introduce them to some of the challenges facing our community.

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