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Drawing Courses

Drawing is the art of rendering a form on a paper in the proper proportion,placement and perspective. It uses light and shadow to describe the object. Drawing is a skill which develops the more you practice it. All the great artists have started drawing with stick figures at some point in their life. We at Mind Marvel offer different levels of drawing courses from beginners to advance.

drawing basics

Basic Course (Part i, ii) - 12 Hr each

In this course students will learn to use various materials used in the world of drawing. They will study line, shape, texture and form, and will learn to draw what they see accurately and expressively. The course explores the 7 crucial steps in drawing: Line, Shape, Form, Tone, Shading, Cast Shadow, and Texture. It will also cover the 4 basic forms found in the natural world: Cube, Sphere, Cone, and Cylinder. The course will also cover various measuring methods and techniques used to acquire accuracy in their drawing.

drawing landscape

Landscape Drawing (part i, ii) - 12 Hrs each

A Landscape drawing refers to an artwork whose primary focus is natural scenery. In this course students will learn how to draw different scenery of mountains,forests ,rivers etc using a variety of pencils to create light and shadow effect. They will make several pieces of art in different perspectives.

drawing still life

Still Life (Part i, ii) - 12 Hr each

This course improves the student's observational skills. The student will learn how to compose a scene using shapes and render realistic lighting. All this trains the student's eye which ultimately improves their skill set as an artist.

drawing portrait

Portrait (part i, ii) - 12 hrs each

This course gives you the knowledge required to create accurate portraits by exploring the "ins and outs" of all feature, the underlying structure of the face, how light effects the form of the face, strategies for locating facial proportions, and techniques used by artists and illustrators to ensure accuracy each time.
(Pre requisite : a course in drawing  anatomy of portrait  )


Animal Drawing (part i, ii, iii) - 12 Hrs

This course teaches student's to draw realistic animals using techniques learned in our foundation courses. student will also learn different positions of the animal such as walking, sitting etc. In each part, a student will learn to draw to land animals, 1 bird and a sea animal.

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